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Passionate, sophisticated and determined to enjoy life
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Mediterranean and cosmopolitan city
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Spanish, 6 regional co-official languages


Euro (€) (EUR)

Time zone

CET (UTC+1), WET (UTC) Summer: CEST (UTC+2), WEST (UTC+1) Note: Spain observes CET/CEST, except theCanary Islands which observe WET/WEST

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National holidays

1 January: New Year

6 January: Epiphany

19 March: St. Joseph’s Day

March / April: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Monday

1 May: Labour Day

5 May: Cinco de Mayo (The Day of the Battle of Puebla)

15 August: Assumption

1 November: All Saints Day

6 December: Constitution Day

8 December: Immaculate Conception

25 December: Christmas Day

26 December: St. Stephen’s Day

Welcome to Spain

Passionate, sophisticated and determined to enjoy life, Spain is a country fusion of traditions a wide diversity that one would think possible.

Its stunning landscapes arouse the senses, from the rugged Pyrenees and the wildly beautiful cliffs of the northeast Atlantic coast to its enticing Mediterranean coves. At the same time, the country’s awe-inspiring architecture seems to represent every era on every street corner. Spain’s cities beat at a hypnotic pace, diving full tilt into the 21st century, while its pretty, timeless towns preserve their eternal Spanish essence.

What’s more, it boasts one of the most renowned and varied cuisines in the whole of Europe. Above all, Spain lives in the moment. This is almost tangible during the early hours when people still throng the streets in cheerful groups, or when a flamenco singer stirs something deep in your soul, or during a wild party, or even during an afternoon siesta. Whenever it happens, every traveller should recognise this feeling as authentically Spanish.

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