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Aktun Chen
Caves with interior cenotes
Aktun Chen
The theme of the park is the protection and conservation of the environment
The practice or visit of its attractions and places will make your experience in the park unforgettable
Una maravillosa combinación de cultura y aventura rodeado de naturaleza
See Caves with interior cenotes where the water has molded the rock and created figures
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3rd Monday of November: Revolution Day

12 December: Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

25 December: Christmas

16 km from Tulum is the wonderful natural park "Aktun Chen", which in Mayan means "cave with a natural pool inside", located on 400 hectares of virgin rainforest.

It is the largest cave system in Quintana Roo open to the public, with three interior natural pool caves, where you can observe the beauty of thousands of calcium carbonate formations made by the slow seepage of water over 5 million years.

In one of the last sections of the main cave is the Aktun Chennatural pool, with 12 m deep crystal clear waters and the only natural pool in the Riviera Maya where swimming is not allowed.

In this jungle, breeding projects for endangered species are carried out, specifically for the night monkey, toucan, parrot, white-tailed deer and collared peccary, among others.

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