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A Caribbean country
with an evocative colonial history
Dominican Republic
A warm country and welcoming people
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An extraordinary colonial city
Santo Domingo
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Extensive white sand beaches
Punta Cana
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An exclusive Caribbean oasis
La Romana
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Dominican peso

Time zone

GMT -4 in winter, GMT -5 in summer

Phone code

+ 1 809, + 1 829, + 1 849

National holidays

1 January: New Year

6 January: Epiphany

21 January: Nuestra Señora de Altagracia

26 January: Juan Pablo Duarte Day

27 February: Independence Day

April: Good Friday

1 May: International Workers' Day

7 June: Corpus Cristi

16 August: Anniversary of the Restoration

24 September: Our Lady of Mercy

6 November: Constitution Day

25 December: Christmas

Welcome to Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country located on the island La Española, part of the Greater Antilles, in the heart of the Caribbean. It is one of the countries in the area with the most geographical diversity and offers everything from endless beaches of fine white sand dotted with palm trees to breathtaking mountain landscapes, deep fertile valleys and national parks, true sanctuaries of indigenous fauna and flora.

Known throughout the world as the place where Christopher Columbus and his men settled the first city in the New World, its first inhabitants were Taíno Indians who called the island Quisqueya, or "mother of all lands".

It is a country radiating joy, populated by friendly, warm and welcoming people. The culture is a mix of Spanish, Haitian, French and African influences, offering its visitors a unique cultural experience.

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